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How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana

Episode Summary

"Alignment from an execution standpoint now is so critical." - Todd Abbott. In this episode of our Datavana Podcast, Walter Alvendia (Deloitte), Todd Abbott (InsightSquared), Jeff Coveney (Digital Pi) and host Alon Waks, talk about alignment and empowerment of RevOps in the modern age. For businesses implementing Go To Market strategies, alignment between sales and marketing is essential. However, as with anything with the world of ABM, that alignment is heavily reliant on successful business processes, leadership, and high quality data. "Collecting data consistently is so important." - Jeff Coveney.

The success of RevOps gives businesses the opportunity to breach silos and break down barriers that would normally prevent consistent collaboration, allowing focus on shared strategies and objectives. To adequately measure the success of business strategies and objectives, analysis of the data must be on point. By using insights procured from the data, teams and methodologies are better able to further align on functionality, and focus on delivering engaging customer experiences, improving revenue and ROIs. "They can focus on the customer conversation together with better data." - Jeff Coveney.

The panel also discusses excess data, RevOps functions, automation, modern GTM toolkits and ICPs.


How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana
Name: Walter Alvendia
What he does: Senior Manager
Company: Deloitte
Where to find Walter: LinkedIn
How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana
Name: Todd Abbott
What he does: CEO
Company: InsightSquared
Where to find Todd: LinkedIn
How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana
Name: Jeff Coveney
What he does: Chief Marketing Officer
Company: Digital Pi
Where to find Jeff: LinkedIn

Walter Alvendia Bio

Walter Alvendia is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital Over 25+ years of industry and consulting experience working with global clients to design and implement leading processes and technology solutions. Keen understanding of technology and proven ability to keep pace with rapid industry changes. Strategic planning, analysis, and implementation experience. Process evaluation, gap analysis, process re-engineering and development of performance metrics. Focused on the High Tech industry with enabling cloud technologies such as

Todd Abbott Bio

Todd Abbott brings a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and operational excellence to the role. He joined InsightSquared, following leadership executive roles with Cisco, Avaya, and, most recently, Mitel. His experience scaling global businesses, in combination with leading large go-to-market organizations, helped ensure a smooth, successful integration of the Olono team, technology, and business.With the experience of 25+ years, he is well versed with the vexing issues customers face in driving improvements to their sales processes. He is committed to equipping customers with the insight, agility, and predictability they need to transform their sales processes to manage successfully through times of disruption as well as economic growth.

Jeff Coveney Bio

Jeff Coveney is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 25 years of success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations. Coveney founded RevEngine Marketing, a marketing automation consulting firm that helps companies accelerate leads through the marketing funnel in a repeatable and measurable way. RevEngine Marketing was acquired by Digital Pi where Coveney now contributes as Executive Vice President. Previously, Coveney redefined the demand generation process at Application Security with the implementation of a state-of-the-art marketing automation system leveraging Marketo. Coveney's programs helped Application Security earn a 2013 Marketo Exceptional Product Usage nomination. Marketo also honored Coveney as one of the world's top 50 Marketo professionals by naming him to 2012, 2013, and 2014 Marketo Champion Elite classes.


How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana
Name: Alon Waks (Host)
Where to find Alon: LinkedIn

Alon Waks Bio

Alon Waks is a visionary marketing leader, seasoned enterprise software executive, podcast host, and celebrated speaker on B2B and B2B2C topics. With over 20 years in scaling SaaS companies, Alon is passionate about RevOps Alignment, 1-1 and 1-Few Marketing, Enterprise GTM, and Account-Based Everything (ABM).

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How GTM Leaders Scale Through Data Nirvana

Datavana Panel Theme

Data and GTM

  • How does data fit in your GTM strategy? What are the conversations around data being had in your world as a business leader?
  • What kind of data matters to you the most?
  • How important is data governance/data quality to you and how do you create a data culture from the top down?

Data Nirvana - Fails and wish lists

  • What's your data horror story? A time when data failed you
  • Nir·va·na - a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place. Data Nirvana - what does that mean for you?
  • Complete this "Without data …"
  • One misconception you wish to eradicate from the world. Is there an acronym you wish to eradicate from this world of GTM? I.e. Alon hates MQLs and the obsession with looking at secondary metrics in a silo, i.e. web visitors
  • Complete this "I wish i could have this data or analytics…"

The emerging concept of RevOps

  • What is RevOps to you and how important is it at this stage of your business?
  • What do you expect of them? I.e. "I wish ops did more or less of this?"
  • Who should own RevOps? / Who do they report to in order to maintain neutrality?

Takeaways from the C-suite

  • What should a CEO/COO know that they usually don't want to realize or everyone is afraid to tell them?
  • ABM – Why do you think most companies fail at it? What makes it so complex?
  • What's your main KPI? And what stands in the way of that KPI?

Key Notes

  • Tech Stacks and Data Creation. The number of tech stacks within a given company has ballooned over the past 5-6 years which has in turn been a major component in creating excess amounts of data, but the challenge remains on how to be able to ‘successfully’ execute and action that data. "The challenge is how do you get the data out of each of these systems and deliver an end-to-end view. And that's what's driving this move to a Rev Ops function." - Todd Abott
  • Data and GTM. For any company carrying out Go-To-Market strategies,structural and cultural processes need to be in place to always ensure procurement of high quality data to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. "But spending the time to get good quality contact data and then getting them out of the data entry business, has gotta be your number one priority. You can't burden the rep." - Todd Abbott.
  • The Ideal State of Data Nirvana. For most businesses, Data Nirvana is having data continually enriched, available, and actionable over time to maximise sales efforts and decisions as situations change throughout its lifecycle. "You want to enrich the data as much as you can with the demographics, technographics, any intent data. So that's going to help the sales people make better decisions. But data changes, so being able to adjust that data over time is going to make that experience better for that particular person." - Jeff Coveney.
  • The emerging concept of RevOps. The emergence of Rev Ops has allowed companies to maximise all department efforts by aligning everyone to meet business and revenue objectives and break down data silos. "It is definitely a little bit siloed, but ideally you're bringing that up together. Any recommendation is a process and as you evolve as an organization you'll want to bring that data together into more of a single system with single management." - Jeff Coveney.
  • Takeaways from the C-suite. At the head of the ABM ship, it is the C-Suites responsibility to encourage and empower the Ops teams to bring people together to spearhead strategies to meet objectives. "They're going to set the stage for the conversations of best practices to bring data together from all areas and say, 'Here's the information I need in my respective area.' And coming to a common agreement. But someone's coming to the table, 'Here's how I see we should do this in order to meet our revenue and business objectives.'" - Walter Alvendia