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Live Keynote with Henry Schuck

Episode Summary

"I'm a big believer in data." As CEO of one of the largest Go-To-Market enablers in the world, there are very few who can read and understand data as well as Henry. In this episode of our TalkDataToMe podcast, CEO and Founder at ZoomInfo, Henry Schuck talks with host Jaime Muirhead about holistic alignment and how to use the data to get there.

"Data to understand your total addressable market, which companies are the best fits for you," High quality data is fundamental for outlining ICPs and Go-To-Market strategies, but also for yielding high quality insights than inform business decisions, direction and key areas for increased focus. Operations should work to holistically align all departments, particularly on the data, to ensure that goals, strategies, and objectives are upheld. “The less distance there is between the data and the outcomes, the better.” True alignment means getting systems working together to capture data, activate it and then deliver to the right account executives at the right time.Also covered in this podcast; Marketing and Sales silos, operations and c-suite alignment tips, and articulating how data drives revenue to the higher-ups.



Live Keynote with Henry Schuck
Name: Henry Schuck
What he does: Founder and CEO
Company: ZoomInfo
Where to find Henry: LinkedIn
Live Keynote with Henry Schuck
Name: Jaime Muirhead
What he does: Senior Vice President
Company: RingLead
Where to find Jaime: LinkedIn

Henry Schuck Bio

Henry Schuck is the founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, (NASDAQ:ZI) a Go-To-Market Intelligence Solution for more than 20,000 companies worldwide.He is a cum laude graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Hospitality Management and holds a J.D., cum laude, from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. He has been named to Fortune’s, ‘40 Under 40’ Class of 2020 list.

Jaime Muirhead Bio

As a founding employee at RingLead, Jaime has played a major role in the organization’s growth operationally, as well as through direct selling, channel sales, and sales management. Jaime has been part of senior leadership primarily focusing on sales for the past eight years. He has also played a critical role in the direction and evolution of the product. Before RingLead, Jaime was an entrepreneur owning multiple businesses from the age of twenty-two to twenty-seven.

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Live Keynote with Henry Schuck

Key Notes

  • Conveying the importance of C-Suite. Tying data and revenue together and showcasing how they affect one another is a great way to provide context of Operation motions to the higher-ups. - "So you have to be able to articulate how data drives revenue or how data is slowing down processes."
  • The Customer Experience: According to Chris, the average company has over 900 applications and 35 systems that contribute towards the customer experience. This is the main driving force for the need of data unification. "We're so used to the personalization that 70% of customers will go to another company who can deliver the right service."
  • Total alignment. Align everybody around what Marketing generates and how it leads to revenue for Sales teams, in order to break down silos within operations. - "Having one central operations function that can take you from lead generator, lead generated to opportunity closed, and then tie in which leads from where are generating the most revenue, what industries, what sizes, which reps."
  • Hitting key objectives. Tracking customer data points such as product usage and firmographic data to create a customer health score to determine and ensure if key objectives are met. "All of that data goes into our Snowflake instance where we're rolling it up at the account level. If the company or the customer is going up or down in key metrics, we're running a play behind those."
  • Operation leaders. The role Operations plays is one that is wholly fundamental to alignment on goals and strategies, yet runs mostly inconspicuously within organizations. "I think about operations, and operations professionals much like electricity, they are providing the electricity that runs through an organization. So that sales leaders and marketing leaders can plug in their ideas and then immediately get value out of them without that electricity."
  • Alignment on the Data. The digital age is going into lightspeed, constantly affecting and changing the nature of data, and with that so too are our rules, routing, and scoring for what constitutes traditional targets. - "When the system that you're operating out of does not reflect the actual business environment, what companies are actually in market, companies making up your total addressable market, and which companies you should be focused on and going after, that's a terrible misalignment."