August 19, 2020  | The Datavana Podcast

“Mark Organ, Founder of Eloqua“

About the Show:

Mark Organ is the founding CEO of two leading marketing technology companies. As the CEO of Eloqua (ELOQ) he lead the company to become the world leader in marketing automation software recently culminating in it being acquired for $871M. In his time at Eloqua he revolutionized B2B marketing technology and is continuing to do so now as founder and CEO of Influitive. Here he is working on helping companies to exponentially grow referral leads, reference calls and social media participation by creating a network of advocates.

The Story behind the origin of Eloqua & why it is so successful at what it does

When Mark Organ founded Eloqua, he not only created a new category of software, but completely changed the role and responsibilities of marketers and salespeople. Mark Organ tells the story behind the growth of Eloqua and he was able to create a new category of Demand Generation and Marketing automation platforms.



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