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April 14, 2021  | RevOps Trailblazers

Ep02: Jared Robin, Founder of RevGenius

Finding Your North Star In RevOps

Episode Summary

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. That’s certainly the case with Jared Robin and his powerful community of revenue leaders.

After being left jobless during the pandemic and thanks to his passion for entrepreneurship, Jared decided to launch RevGenius, a community of revenue professionals with a mission to build the future of sales and marketing. What first started as a LinkedIn group quickly grew into a Slack community, proving Jared was right all along – there was really a need for RevGenius in the market.

And not only that, but the company also became a voice for the RevOps category. So why is category creation important? How do you set yourself apart from others? And how do you excel as a RevOps professional?

In the first episode of the RevOps Trailblazers podcast, Jared and host Jaime Muirhead talk about revenue operations, why being in RevOps is similar to being a pirate, and how to find your North star within RevOps.

Ep02: Jared Robin, Founder of RevGenius

Name: Jared Robin

What he does: Jared is the founder of RevGenius, a community of revenue-generating sales and marketing professionals brought together to grow with each other.

Company: RevGenius

Noteworthy: Jared launched his company at the height of the pandemic because he recognized a unique opportunity. Now he’s helping revenue leaders use a community to drive revenue.

Where to find Jared: LinkedIn


Episode Highlights

In entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition is essential

“We had this idea that we agreed upon that there were so many webinars happening, so many channels, and there was no central spot for them. And it was causing people to not be able to attend all of them. Forget busy schedules, just sheer velocity of webinars and disorganization as a whole. You had some coming from companies directly, the Salesforce, et cetera, and some from communities like the SalesHackers, you had some coming from individuals like Morgan Ingram, John Barris, et cetera. So, you had all these different channels, and where were you finding out about them? You were finding out about them on LinkedIn and only if you follow that person or that company. You can’t Google best events. What would happen was you’d see HubSpot because they crush it with their SEO. You might see Sales Hacker, and it would be kind of a myopic view of what was going on. Myopic in the sense of narrow view. And there was so much more. So, we were like, let’s build this. And what does it look like? Probably something like Eventbrite for sales and marketing.”

On the future plans for RevGenius

“Individuals’ growth within their organizations to help their organization. And we see that, and we want to empower that. We’re trying to create our own category and we’re figuring out what it actually is. Is it community-driven? Is it revenue growth? Is it revenue empowerment? It’s giving that revenue professional, whatever their title is, the tools to succeed in their roles and help their company succeed whether their company gives it to them or not.”

How do you change the game and set yourself apart from your competitors?

“Category creation is everything. That’s the first marketing step. And if you don’t do that, you can be as good as the best Ops person in the world, but you’re gonna have a ceiling if you’re competing in Salesforce’s category for CRM. You’re gonna have a ceiling, if you’re competing in Google’s category for Gmail email or Skype’s category for this… You could be the best RevOps person, but you need to change the game.”

Tips on how to excel within RevOps

“I think you have to take a look at the company you’re at, or you want to go to and understand what your North star is. Do you want to do something better with the product that you have or do something different altogether? ‘Cause you could go and try to do something better, first do something different. And what I mean is, do you want to create a part of a category creator or just a ‘me too’? And the reason why this is the first thing to look at is this will create a ceiling of what you can do.

Are you doing RevOps for an organization that will always own 5% of the CRM market, ‘cause you went in with somebody who’s competing against Salesforce? You’re not going to beat them. And if you go into Salesforce, okay, cool, you can do processes better, but you’ve already dominated that category. So, where my head is at always is one, when you pick a company period, you need to pick something and create something different.”

Key Insights

  • Entrepreneurship is all about identifying opportunities and seizing them. Opportunity recognition is one of the essential steps in entrepreneurship. Jared has always had an entrepreneurial mind, but it wasn’t until he found himself jobless at the peak of the pandemic that he saw an opportunity to build RevGenius. He realized there was no central spot for all the webinars and events happening, so he and his friend Galem Girmay decided to do something about it. “You can’t Google best events. What would happen was you’d see HubSpot because they crush it with their SEO. You might see SalesHacker, and it would be kind of a myopic view of what was going on. And myopic in the sense of narrow view. And there was so much more. We were like, let’s build this.”
  • Category creation is key to growing your business. Jared explains that to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to create your own category. You will never become the best at a category someone else created. For example, Google will always be the ceiling when it comes to Gmail. Category creation goes beyond simple innovation. “How many revenue empowerment communities are there? There’s none. It’s us. So others will come into our category and compete with us. That’s the thought process. That’s the biggest thing – to start.”
  • To be successful in Revenue Operations, you need to think outside of the box. According to Jared, RevOps people are like pirates – they can do whatever they want to hit their numbers. Thinking outside of the box will set you apart from others. If you play the game in the same way everybody else does, you will never win. “Really think outside the box to push this because otherwise, you’re following the same game plan as everybody else.”

Top Quotes

[17:21] ''You have the ability as an individual to transcend your organization and have resources, even if your organization doesn't give you those resources, even if you have a manager that might micromanage you, et cetera. Obviously not optimal, but there's still ways to level up even if you're not getting that.''

[18:37] ''As a professional, you have more options today than you ever have to help your company, and get your company resources they might not have had, and to get yourself those resources, improve your career trajectory or, go off on your own.''

[20:14] ''I look at the best RevOps people as kind of like pirates in the sense that you could do whatever you want legally to hit your numbers.''

[23:24] ''The future will still be the same future. The people that could hack it, think outside the box in efficient ways will continuously win.''