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March 17, 2021  | RevOps Trailblazers

Ep01: Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach

The Future of Sales is Leveraging Technology

Episode Summary

”Go big or go home” is Max Altschuler’s mantra. Max is the Vice President of Sales Engagement at Outreach. This young man with a prolific career proves that dedication and focus lead to success.

In 2013, he founded Sales Hacker, a global online publication and media company for B2B Sales professionals, which currently boasts over 170,000 subscribers. Just two years later, he started angel investing and advising startups on GTM. In 2018, Sales Hacker was acquired by, and Max took over as VP of Marketing. Max Altschuler is also a writer. He wrote three books, and Hacking Sales is his bestseller.

In this episode of RevOps Trailblazers, Max talks about his professional beginnings, from Sales Hacker to Outreach. Altschuler explains why it is crucial to have your marketing and sales team work as one. Max and Jaime also discuss the importance of data and the right messaging in sales.


Ep01: Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach

Name: Max Altschuler

What he does: Max is the Vice President of Sales Engagement at Outreach.

Company: Outreach

Noteworthy: In 2013, Max founded Sales Hacker, a global online publication and media company for B2B Sales professionals, which currently boasts over 170,000 subscribers.

Where to find Max: LinkedIn


Episode Highlights

A Tech Is a Magnifying Glass

”Bill Gates said tech is a magnifying glass, and I think it still is applicable on every individual application you use in your tech stack. A lot of people have problems right now. They’ll go in and build out a really good sales methodology, a really good sales process. They’ll go out and invest in platforms and different technology to power the workflows. But the area that they under-invest is like making sure the underlying data is good.

You might have the best sales process ever and all this technology to supercharge it. But, if you’re calling the wrong numbers or emailing the wrong people, or you’ve got old data, and you’ve got the wrong information, then you’re probably not going to be successful.”

From Sales Hacker to Outreach

”We created Sales Hacker initially to be a resource online publication media company for sales technology and the next generation of sales. It wasn’t just for startups to learn how to sell better or anything like that. It was for ushering in what the future of sales looks like. The future of sales is leveraging technology. It’s about building your sales, tech stack and taking advantage of all the things you have at your fingertips.

In 2013 I was using one of the first sales engagement platforms that no longer exists. We were building out a pretty interesting, unique, and futuristic sales process at a company called Udemy: an online education marketplace. The goal was to generate more revenue using fewer resources. So our potential acquirers for our business were B2B sales vendors, and Outreach was leading the pack in sales technology.”

We’re All in This Together

”The marketing and sales teams have always had a great alignment, and that’s more than one weekly meeting or a shared number or whatever else. I feel like it’s been rooted in me, the data and the tech stack, and how we use it in shared metrics and goals. It’s a culture-building activity. So we feel like one team and feel like everybody’s in it together.”

Outreach on Outreach

”I’m really excited about a program we just started, called Outreach on Outreach. That is us sharing our own operational excellence, using our own product. So we throw virtual events, or things that need to drive revenue, need to drive pipeline, need to influence pipeline.”

Predictions for Consolidation

”I don’t know where the consolidation is. I think we’ll probably start seeing the intent providers and the big data businesses have some consolidation. I think there’ll probably be a lot more in the data space. There are a lot of smaller players up and coming players there.”

The Outreach Application

”If you do something and then our algorithm is able to tell you, ‘Hey, what you did is right or wrong. Here’s how you should do it instead. Do this next time based on what we found out from the experiment last time; then, we can tell your reps to go and do that thing. We want to give you back the time to do the things that only humans need to do in a sales process.”

Key Insights

  • Go big or go home. Max says one thing that’s common to all of his coworkers is a dedication to the business. They all have the ”customer-obsessed” characteristic. He also explains how grateful he is that all of them always look for ways to innovate and be visionaries in the professional space. ”We have competitors that copy a lot of the stuff that we do on a very surface level. We’re never so focused on easy revenue. We think very long-term. We want to build something big and lasting and sustainable and not something that’s going to get picked up by PE or somebody in the space and then gets a little down or whatnot. “
  • I like being part of the underdogs. While talking about his first days at Outreach, Max says he had a good feeling about the company. It was something in the leadership and the company’s mission he saw as an opportunity for professional growth. He was ready to contribute to the company’s success, but he was aware of all the benefits he will experience as a part of Outreach’s team. ”I’m a competitive person, an athlete. I grew up playing hockey. My favorite games are the games where we weren’t supposed to win. I love going into those. You have nothing to lose. Let’s go, let’s take on the big dog. That’s what it felt like, but it felt like doing it with a competent team, competent leader, and somebody you could learn from. I’ve always said that I don’t really have any interest in working for anyone that isn’t better than me.”
  • It’s crucial to nail messaging. Sending the right message to the right audience is the key to success, Max explains. However, creating a perfect message requires dedication, and finding the right audience requires focus. ”It takes focus as a business to do that. If you’re doing too many things and do it too early, there’s way more than just a product when you spin up these different lines. You have to do it right, and you have to do it at the right time, and you have to roll it out. It takes discipline.”

Top Quotes

[03:32] ''We're entering an era where you have two different areas of data. There are net new data, and then there's the data that makes your organization move.''

[04:49] ''We're living in this beautiful time where a lot of this has gone from intuition experience to being really highly analytical and data-driven.''

[10:04] ''The future of sales is leveraging technology. It's about building your sales, tech stack, and taking advantage of all the things that you have at your fingertips.''

[15:36] ''I don't really have any interest in working for anyone that isn't better than me.''

[24:50] ''When you do an online event, the engagement is very different than an in-person event where you have lower engagement before and after, and then a spike in engagement during an event.''

[35:39] ''If you can find ways to clone best practices from your best reps, you can ramp your reps faster, but you can also get your Bs to As or low As, and Cs to Bs or high Bs or low As.''

[38:16] ''We want to give you back the time to do the things that only humans need to do in a sales process.''