Critical Business Issues

Right-Size Territory Management, Planning, and Assignment

Right-Size Territory Management, Planning, and Assignment


Poor territory management wreaks havoc on your sales process and bottom line. Without actionable data at hand, your territories are subject to constant changes, and your overall plan – including routing and assignment – major inefficiencies.

High quality data and data processes will enable you to be thoughtful in how you structure, identify, and assign territories, significantly reducing the need for disruptive changes down the line, and fueling speed-to-lead, connection and conversion rates.


Lead response time is critical to conversion. Research shows the chances of qualifying a lead drops by 80% if a salesperson does not follow up within five minutes. Yet, most companies struggle to hit that magic window, reporting an average response time of 42 hours, despite sales’ best efforts. 

Dirty data is often at the root of the issue, with incomplete or inaccurate data like company size, revenue, account type, and industry making lead assignment and routing a nightmare. Much like the role data plays in planning, data is mission critical to the execution of territory management. Without an always-on solution in place to cleanse, unify, and enrich data, key processes like lead-to-account linking, segmentation, and verification cannot operate at the highest level, causing lead assignment and routing to suffer tremendously.


A lead fills out a form on your site and is routed to a BDR for qualification. Without complete, accurate lead and contact data in your system, it’s impossible to quickly identify that this new lead is tied to a child company of a current customer. The BDR may lack the necessary expertise to qualify the lead, be overloaded, resulting in significant follow up delays, or worse, never receive the lead due an incorrect lead score.

Access to actionable data like corporate family linkage enables your routing technology to quickly identify this related account and assign it to the rep most familiar with the parent account’s business style, purchasing structure, and product interests. By pairing the right rep to the lead, you put your salesperson at an immediate advantage, and create a better customer experience for the buyer.


Faster response and higher satisfaction throughout the sales cycle is possible with a data-driven outlook and the right solution. Ringlead’s Data Quality Platform provides a seamless way to not only set the groundwork for your territory model, but to actually execute. Automate all core data quality processes – cleansing, normalization, segmentation, integration, and routing – for peace of mind that your prospects are always connected to the right reps, with unmatched speed, precision, and detail. Report on territory model effectiveness and make adjustments as needed with intuitive, drag-and-drop routing rules and dashboards that evolve as you do.