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RingLead has helped over 2,000 companies – large, small, and everything in between – in 22 countries across five continents. But don’t take our word for it, here are some kind words from our happy clients.

“With RingLead we don’t have to manage our own [duplicate] matching criteria. With Dupeblocker and PeopleImport we would have to setup all of our own layers of match criteria, I’m always worried I’m missing an important criteria that will cause things to merge that shouldn’t be merged. RingLead manages the criteria for me and it just works.”

Jason Paquette, Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant 

“Every client needs clean data. The only solution we present is RingLead. RingLead = Happy Clients!”

Deepa Patel, Certified Salesforce Consultant
Halak Consulting

“I’d recommend to any marketer or Salesforce admin who is responsible for keeping the data clean. Get RingLead as soon as possible!”

Patricia Hyde, Field Marketing Manager

“We had many duplicate records and with a growing sales team, the number of dupes was only going to continue to grow unless we had a better de-duplication process than SFDC’s standard process. With RingLead our reporting is more accurate, we don’t have prospects being annoyed by two different reps calling them, and our reps don’t get upset by co-workers calling their contacts.”

Jordan Easly, Business Intelligence Analyst

“Meli from customer support is a super-hero.”

Jeremy Mason, Director, Demand Generation
SCI Solutions

“Salesforce web-to-lead is a great feature but it fails when dealing with duplicate submissions (we have folks re-submitting queries to us constantly). With RingLead we are able to catch these inbound forms and match them to appropriate contact or lead minimizing the risk of duplication. Support has been outstanding and responsive.”

Mark Budzyn, Sr. CRM Database Manager
Cesna Aircraft

“I have used Ringlead at three different companies. Most recently, I purchased it prior to installing Marketo to ensure that clean records were brought into my new Marketing Automation tool. The tool is easy-to-use, and does a fantastic job at calling out the majority of duplicates. Data dedupulication is something that always makes the Sales Team nervous, but using Ringlead, there is reassurance that NOTHING will be deleted, and records that are merged will go into the Salesforce trash bin for up to 30 days.”

Suzanne Kushner, Innotas
Director of Demand Generation

“I recently saw a presentation at a marketing conference in which the presenter, a company that consults on sales & marketing alignment & software, said the #1 problem they see with clients is databases with tons of duplicate records. In my organization, we don’t have that problem because of RingLead. It’s easy to use and the cost is microscopic for a tool that increases sales & marketing productivity immensely. We use the Data Cleansing product and I run it once a week, or immediately after large list imports.”

Jake Bauch, Sr. Sales Operations Specialist

“Duplicate records are a major issue for all companies and I can’t imagine having to deal with them without the RingLead tool. I really like the Unique Upload application and find it extremely easy to use. I try and run it every few weeks to stay on top of the duplicates. We have some key picklist values that I need to ensure merge properly so I can easily add the key fields to the report and pick the values to use. You can review and merge hundreds of duplicates in a very short period of time. We spend less than an hour a week to keep our duplicates under control using RingLead. I highly recommend this tool!”

Tanya Mackenzie, Director of Marketing Programs

“We’ve been using RIngLead for nearly a year now and I can say it’s one of those products that does exactly what it says on the tin – de-dupe. The support is also very good and on the rare occasion I’ve got stuck (usually user error) they’ve been very prompt in helping me out.”

Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director
4D Data Centers

“The team at RingLead has a great product and the team is very attentive. We had an issue once with RingLead, which was really related to an update with our server, and RingLead was very supportive throughout the process; they made sure any issues on their end were promptly corrected, and were able to to support us until SalesForce corrected issues on its end. Great team”

Elizabeth Shovlin, Marketing Manager
Prism Engineering

“We knew we had a problem… RingLead knew they were the solution… We have been using the solution for the last couple weeks and I’m not sure how we were “making it work” before this. Love it!”

Jonathan Hoium, Corporate & Desktop Support Manager

“We’ve been using RingLead’s Unique Upload & Data Cleanse products for a few months now and we’ve had a 48% decrease in new duplicates being loaded into our system. Our company loads a lot of data from spreadsheets and the reports that their system generates to show existing leads/contacts vs new data has been a true value to our marketing efforts. Being able to load and de-duplicate lists simultaneously has sped up the process both administratively and for our sales team who can rest assured that they aren’t duplicating efforts.”

Ann Seyer, Inside Sales Manager
SmartSource Rentals

“Our org was polluted with duplicates, and our employees were tripping over each other entering the same people and companies, but RingLead helped us clean them up and continues to prevent them from being created. Thank you RingLead!”

Laura Penney, Marketing Manager
A 10 Capital

“The solutions at RingLead are necessary tools for any admin trying to clean up and maintain their database. The Unique Entry tool is something we’ll be using for a long time to come to avoid all of the duplicates that have made data management such a headache over the years. I also have to mention the superior service and support I’ve received ever since the very first call. Make sure to catch the webinars too. They’re fantastic!”

Matt Beshany, Database Administrator
EMPOWER Retirement

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