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If you use Salesforce and regularly update a good amount of data to the CRM, you’ll probably notice that some discrepancies occasionally occur. This is not unusual when there is a lot of data to process – mistakes are often made. Initial records for particular contacts can be made when only incomplete details are available, and then duplicates created when additional details are obtained.

When Salesforce Duplicates Occur

Duplicates are very common and using Salesforce data cleansing is a quick and efficient way to handle them. Resolving data problems will render your sales machine more efficient. Salesforce is a great platform, but it can become less effective with bad data in the environment. To prevent and eliminate any inefficiencies, you need to apply Salesforce deduplication or utilize a data cleansing software.

But first, let’s see what kind of problems your Salesforce data can have:

  • Incomplete records- incomplete email addresses, missing contact details, and missing revenue figures are just some of the important data that has to be completed.
  • Duplication- leads to inaccurate reports and redundancy, and is the biggest reason Salesforce data cleansing is needed.
  • Expired data –can include inactive contacts, email addresses that have changed, clients that are no longer with you, etc. Data needs to be updated regularly to make it useful.
  • Junk data- leads with no value and lists with junk records are not useful to anyone. You will have to work on database normalization in order to make your system more effective.
  • Non-standardized data- small differences in following proper nomenclature lead to unformatted data.
  • Unclassified data- data that is not labeled properly or data that is allocated to the wrong category or campaign.

To take care of these problems properly, you will need to determine which of these issues pose the biggest challenge to your company. This evaluation will help you determine what needs to be done and how to approach Salesforce data cleansing. You can make use of the Salesforce AppExchange apps to have your data properly cleaned by special data cleansing software. All of these apps are capable of dealing with issues like deduplication, verification, and standardization.

Salesforce Data Cleansing Software and Apps

Some of the available data cleansing software apps are:

  • RingLead Declone
  • Data Trim Dupe Alerts
  • Data Trim
  • Demand Tools 2.0
  • Strike Iron
  • Active Prime CleanCRM

If you need to append missing data, update expired data, or research additional information, you will need to make use of a data cleansing service. Automated processes and human effort will be required to restore database normalization when dealing with the data points mentioned above. This is why it is important to narrow down the challenges you have with your data and to choose the solution that will best meet your needs. Although some issues can be handled internally by your own team and with Salesforce AppExchange apps, others can become quite severe, and in that case, it’s best to seek help from the experts.

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