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Another great year is behind us and 2015 is hours away. As we all prepare for the big year ahead, it’s important to look back and learn from the experiences we faced and the content we read in 2014. With nearly 400,000 page views in 2014, we were excited to dive in and look at the top content of the year.

So which popular posts in 2014 were devoured and shared by our awesome readers? Here’s a look at the top 10 posts with the most views.

1. 5 Salesforce Admin Tricks You Didn’t Know About by Michael Farrington: 11,200 views

Mike admits that perhaps the title is a little dramatic, and that there is a chance you know about some of these tricks… but he bets you don’t know all of them. Read the post >>

2. 13 Dead-Simple Salesforce Admin Hacks by Michael Farrington: 7,300 views

Another great post my Mike, who shares that you don’t have to code to be a “hacker” in Salesforce. Learn hacks for activities, reporting, email, and more in this helpful post with videos. Read the post >>

3. 3 Bad Habits Stopping You from High Productivity by Donato Diorio: 5,000 views

Donato shares small changes you can make everyday, which lead to big results. Learn how to better use email and how to organize efficient meetings. Read the post >>

4. 10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Minutes by Eric T. Tung: 4,100 views

Maximizing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to take a long time. Learn the tips from social media expert, Eric T. Tung, including writing your summary, selecting a headshot, and reviewing your privacy settings. Read the post >>

5. 3 Disturbing Trends Threatening the Average Sales Rep by John Barrows: 4,020 views

Sales expert, John Barrows, shares three very disturbing trends in sales and marketing that might seriously threaten the relevance and livelihood of the average sales professional. Read the post >>

6. 15 Networking Tips to Rock Your Next Conference by Amanda Nelson: 2,100 views

You’ve probably been attending trade shows and conferences for years. Since the conference season will be on hyper drive come January 5, here are some great ways to make the most of your time before, during and after your next conference. Read the post >>

7. How to Tell a Bigger Story with Interwoven Data by Jake Dolezal: 1,650 views

Information technology and organizations can be inspired by something you wouldn’t expect: Quilting. Each square in a quilt tells an individual story, however when they are all sewn together, they tell a new story as a unified whole. The same is true with people, organizations and technology. Read the post >>

8. The Top 5 Reasons Prospects Don’t Respond to Sales Voicemails by Jesse Davis: 1,060 views

Jesse has left quite a few voicemails back in his sales days, and he’s also spoken with top sales trainers about how to maximize voicemail responses. Through personal experience and research, here are five of the most likely reasons that your prospects aren’t responding. Read the post >>

9. 5 Lessons Every New Sales Rep Should Know by Donato Diorio: 1,050 views

Earlier in 2014, two new RingLead sales reps came to Donato for advice. Instead of just sharing it with these hungry salespeople, he shared his advice in this post, including an interesting idea about a marble and a keyboard. Read the post >>

10. How Changing Your Sales Language Can Help You Close More Deals by Dan Hughes: 809 views

“Closing the sale.” and “I am about to close a big sale!” and “When are you closing that deal?” are common sales sayings, but are they the right ones? Dan Hughes shares how your sales language can impact your desired outcome. Read the post >>

Which posts did you enjoy most in 2014? Share your thoughts here and happy new year!

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