Watch: 12 experts share their thoughts on the role that data plays in marketing


“Data Quality is the Starting Point to Precision Marketing”  Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo

We asked twelve MarTech experts and leaders at the 2019 Adobe Summit how they optimize their Marketo data for the most actionable insights and campaign-ready data possible.

“Bad data means lost leads and lost revenue. Dirty data kills us and so having high quality is really important to our day to day business”

“Data quality is huge. If you don’t have that from the beginning, whether it’s a process or cleaning your Marketo or Salesforce instance, then no other strategy is really going to be successful”

“Data quality for us is about having trust and faith in the data that you have. If you’re taking a look at the information that you have and you don’t trust the information that you have, it’s hard to make educated decisions based on that information.”

“It’s something that you have to really take care of ongoing. And I think we need to make that realization to like, you know, my manager, sales ops, and get everyone involved to really put in more time in the current.”

“If you don’t have good data, it’s very hard to have a good campaign because you don’t really know who you’re targeting and why. So regardless of what kind of marketing function you’re in, data is critical”

“First and foremost, is if we’re gonna do the right implementation with Marketo, we got to make sure that the data is clean, so we’re always trying to do the best groundwork possible before we start rocking and rolling with applications like Marketo”

“It’s huge to have that data quality, especially on the duplicates issue. So if you’ve got multiple records for the same contact and you’re not taking care of those, you’re taking that lead score and distributing it across multiple records so your one contact is never going to score up and move through your lifecycle like it should.”

“When I think of dirty data, I just think of information that I rely on every day that causes me to waste time.”

“When I think of dirty data, I just think of lost opportunities. I think of lost time, I think about the inefficiency. Everything that you’re trying to do, everything you’re trying to accomplish, everything you’re trying to get a prospect or a customer to engage with you. If you don’t have good data around that experience, then it’s an opportunity lost.”

Here is how two Marketo users implemented a data quality solution to automate their data processes and enhance their marketing automation platform.

“our database is everything that we run off of, so if we have accurate customer data and accurate prospect data then it’s just a better experience for everyone. And the salespeople are happy when people are getting the right communications, and that’s always a good thing for a marketer.”

“We needed to make sure that we weren’t just doing matching based on a company name. We had to have more sophisticated matching rules for those lead to account matches.”

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