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Social media campaigns might focus on volume or reach, however, there is more to uncover about social media users that goes beyond the use of your hashtag. Demographic and lifestyle information can help you build community, make more informed media buying decisions, and sell more.

Twitter Trends Marketing AutomationUsing quality data to look beyond the numbers helps businesses understand their consumers and make business more human.

In partnership with RingLead, Stat Social took a look into the Twitter users following the top 10 marketing automation companies to discover the psychographics and demographics of this audience. By getting a better handle on the Twitter users who follow this industry, we are one step closer to knowing more about marketing automation users than ever before. Check out the infographic below for all the insights. 



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Audrey HungermanAudrey Hungerman is a Strategic Account Manager at Stat Social. Follow her on Twitter at @AudreyHungerman.

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