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Salesforce Connections 2015, the digital marketing conference from, kicks off Tuesday, June 16th through Thursday, June 18th. I attended this show in 2013 when it was in Indianapolis, and back then, the show was packed with amazing speakers, sessions and marketers. This year, it’s promised to be even more epic.

This year, not only is the show free, but it’s moved to my neck of the woods: New York City. If you’re attending (and it’s a must for those NYC-based marketers), here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this three-day marketing extravaganza.

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Plan your time ahead of time

You will get more value out of your time at Connections if you plan it out before arriving. While there are not as many sessions as Dreamforce, there are still plenty of tracks and content to digest. Review the website and use blog posts like this one to get your ducks in a row.

Plan to attend all of the major keynote speeches. They are your best opportunity to learn where the industry is headed and how you can give yourself, and your company, the best chance to profit by the changes ahead.

Pack only what you need

Connections is at the Javits Center, and it’s a BIG place in a BIG city. Lugging around a heavy laptop and multiple devices will drag you down, not to mention lose battery life. Bring only what you really need, such as small devices and business cards, and leave the rest behind. Having said that, don’t forget your phone charger and a portable battery, so your not stuck charging up during a key event, session or meet up.

Let everyone know that you’re attending

In addition to the pre-populated Tweet that is generated when you complete your registration (don’t be afraid to let that roll), let your networks know that you’ll be at Connections.

Use the event hashtag, #CNX15, in all of your Tweets to not only get the word out, but to get the ball rolling on networking. The conversation around the show starts before the event itself, and the hashtag is a hot spot for that conversation.

Meet everyone you can

From customers and partners to friends and colleagues, create a list, even if it’s only a mental list, of individuals you want to meet at Connections. I am excited to see marketing colleagues, such as Jeff Zelaya, David B. Thomas, Joe Fusaro, and Jesus Hoyos.

In addition to your favorite pals, plan to meet new people by dedicating time to walk the Expo floor, sit next to someone new at a session, and attend parties. New acquaintances can often lead to your best business opportunities.

Sessions to attend for the data-driven marketer

Sessions, by contrast, are great for gaining privileged insights into the latest Salesforce advancements. Plus, their smaller settings allow you to get up close and personal with Salesforce experts and peers with common interests. While the keynotes are a must, the breakout session start at 2:30pm on Tuesday, and you’ll have to pick and choose. Here’s a look at the sessions to consider for the data-driven marketer.

Tuesday (2pm): Aim First, Then Shoot: Smarter Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Martin Kihn, Research Director at Gartner, will share how the best digital marketers in the world are using data and analytics to be successful and how you can get the most from the programs you have in place.

Wednesday (2:45pm) How Jawbone Aligns Teams, Processes, and Data for Personalized Journeys

Learn how Jawbone breaks down boundaries between product, partners, channels, and data, and work together as one cross-functional team.

Thursday (8:30am) Power Shift: How Customers Drive Engagement Across Marketing, Sales & Service

Paul Greenberg shares insights on the changing landscape of customer engagement, and how companies can better interact with customers.

Plan time to digest it all

While moving around and interacting with others at Connections is a big part of getting the most out of the conference, take time each day to digest what you’ve absorbed. In your downtime between sessions and keynotes, make it a point to debrief yourself, take notes, and organize your thoughts. It will be an easier transition back to the office if you’ve prepared your thoughts ahead of time.


Connections all about using technology to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Use technology, networking and a little bit of planning to make the most of your experience.

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