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Businesses purchase Salesforce software because it promises to make their lives easy. It promises a ton of features and solutions for the common and not so common issues that people in the world of sales have. It is touted as the number one optimization tool for a sales department and is among the best data quality tools in general. Salesforce has made a career on making the lives of sales people easy. It’s claim to fame is as the best and most used CRM software (customer relationship management.) For the most part, this reputation as the best is well earned.

Looking Into Salesforce Phone Number Format

For this article we will go over one thing that is invaluable for all people in sales, Salesforce phone number format verification and how Salesforce can save you a ton of time and spare you the headache of manually trying to do this and the pain of trying to create a script to do it on your own.

Making sure your contact information for customers and prospects is very important, and this is where Salesforce duplicate contacts comes into action. You need an update and accurate list of prospects and customers. When you are dialing and smiling to make money. When you are sending out promotional information, your info and data on a customer needs to be right. So many sales have been lost due to bad information, so many relationships tarnished and foolish questions have been asked by sales departments to their customers because of bad data. The Salesforce phone number format validation program is designed to automatically validate numbers so that you have the right information when you need it. Have you ever been cold calling when you’ve come across a batch of bad numbers? Not fun is it? Cold calling is hard enough without you having to deal with bad information that just slows you down and that kills your confidence and drive. Salesforce saves you from this headache.

Phone Numbers – Little Data

It not only can check that a phone number is in the right 7 digit, 10 digit or 11 digit format, but it can also parse numbers by area code and other metrics to store them in different locations and under different file names. This allows you to correctly parse this data by state, city, county, 1-800, main line, landline and even cell number categories. This allows a salesperson to better use this data.

In the age of big data, little data like phone numbers, addressed, names and locations are also very important, especially for someone who does direct sales for a living. This information allows you to better scout a customer or potential customers and more importantly it makes sure that you have the right information in the right place when you need it the most. This is what Salesforce does, it makes your like easier so that you can focus on the skill of sales and not the skills of Salesforce data management. CRM software is suppose to make your like easy so that you can focus on your expertise while the software handles everything else. Give this Salesforce phone number format validation feature a try.

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