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Last year before Dreamforce, RingLead invented As-You-Type Duplicate Prevention and introduced it to the Salesforce community. The release of the Unique Entry application on the AppExchange created such a buzz many great enhancement ideas and other feedback quickly followed.

RingLead unique entryOur customers and partners will be delighted with all the great features we’ve packed into the latest release, Version 2. Including:

  • Support for Professional and Group Edition of Salesforce
  • Support for Person Accounts
  • Ability to customize which fields are displayed in duplicate results box
  • Matching Accounts are sought when entering Leads
  • Elegant handling of “fast typers” (save before results come back)
  • Elimination of Internet Explorer “Compatibility View” conflicts
  • Now Free for Non-Profits!

Unique Entry Version 2.0 is available now on the AppExchange listing. To see the new features in action, register for my upcoming webinar.

If you already have Unique Entry installed: Upgrade to the latest version by clicking the “Get it Now” button on the AppExchange listing. There is no need to uninstall the previous version or edit your “New” button overrides. Note that there will be an extra step in the setup process, which is covered in the new Quickstart Guide.

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