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Since its Dreamforce 2012 debut, Unique Entry has been making waves as the AppExchange’s only as-you-type duplicate prevention app (if you’ve never seen the general use case, watch this 2 minute video). Preemptive warnings are only part of the story, however. I recently held a webinar (as well as an encore presentation, by popular demand) to share several “secret” functions of Unique Entry you can leverage in the war against duplicates. The blurbs and videos below will show you some cool things you didn’t know you could do with Unique Entry. Enjoy, but shhhh, it’s a secret to everybody…

Dupes Ignored Fields

The first secret use case (actually multiple use cases in one) for Unique Entry makes use of “dupes ignored fields” which keep a count of how many possible duplicate records were being displayed to the user at the time they saved the record. Watch to see me demonstrate several ways to leverage these fields to manage data entry in a way that suits your needs.

Gauging Effectiveness

Up next, I expand on the concept of duplicate related analytics that we began in the previous use case. Here we make use of a free RingLead application called Dupe Dive to gauge the effectiveness of our Unique Entry deployment.

URL Parameters

By manipulating the end of URL addresses in Salesforce you are able to pass values and pre-populate fields with information, how cool is that? This final secret use case focuses on this functionality to make you aware that it is indeed supported when using Unique Entry and to give you some insight on how to leverage it. Even if you aren’t a tech wiz or a programmer you will still find value in this tutorial.

So now I’ve shared with you my secret use cases for Unique Entry, I hope you found them to be helpful. If you tell anyone I may have to kill them… oh who am I kidding, tell all your friends!

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