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As-you-type duplicate prevention and data enhancement tool

As-You-Type Duplicate Prevention for Salesforce

Improving data quality as you enter Leads manually into Salesforce

Unique Entry is the first and only application on the AppExchange to check and alert you of possible duplicates, as you type in Leads, Accounts, and Contacts into Salesforce. A far more effective solution than other “real time” applications which act only upon clicking “Save”. Those who enter data are made aware of a possible duplicate in the database after entering as few as just one field, saving the frustration of entering an entire record only to be stopped on Save.

Trigger based duplicate prevention is a thing of the past. Warning users AFTER they’ve entered the entire record only frustrates them and wastes their time. A preemptive warning when the user has only entered a portion of the information allows the user to stop what they’re doing and View or Edit an existing record instead, or to easily contact the owner of a duplicate record to discuss the overlap.

Every time Unique Entry displays results, you’ve simultaneously saved the person entering the record time and/or made them better informed AND prevented a duplicate record from being created.

Designed by Michael Farrington, Salesforce and MVP, Unique Entry uses the latest technology to provide three Visualforce Pages you (or your System Administrator) use to override the “New” buttons on your Lead, Account, and/or Contact objects. These pages mimic your custom Page Layouts (per Record Type and Profile mappings, of course) so the app is transparent unless it finds one or more possible duplicates.

Key Features:

  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Mirrors your custom Page Layouts in Salesforce
  • Accessed via the standard “New” buttons
  • No more wasting time searching for duplicates

Supercharge Unique Entry with the add-on features


Standardize, Normalize and Enhance Lead and Contact Records in Real-Time

Add-On Features:

  • As-You-Type Name Suggestion
  • As-You-Type Address Suggestion
  • Phone Number Formatting
  • Email formatting
  • State and Country formatting