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Unique Upload

CRM list import deduplication and data quality optimization tool

Import clean and enhanced lead lists into your CRM

RingLead approaches dirty data prevention by addressing the specific challenges posed by each point of entry into your database. Importing of mass lists is a very common cause of duplicate records.

Unique Upload is an importing application that simultaneously prevents the creation of duplicate records while uploading lists into Salesforce. Powerful options allow you to control what happens when duplicates or related records are found. Creating tasks or appending data to fields on existing records in lieu of creating a duplicate results in clean data with no information loss.

Key Features:

  • Prevent duplicate records when importing spreadsheets and lists into CRM.
  • Update existing Leads and create new Contacts in matching Accounts.
  • Field-specific update options include Overwrite, Ignore, Update if Blank, Prepend, Append, Increment
  • Create multiple Tasks and assign records to Campaigns, Users or Queues.