Alexa Ranking Use Cases

Explore how brands, including Clearbit, are leveraging Alexa Rankings for ICP Analysis, Lead Scoring, and Territory Management.

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Ashley Tayor, Head of Partnerships, Clearbit, sat down with RingLead’s John Kosturos to explain how brands are leveraging Alexa Rankings for ICP Analysis, Lead Scoring, Territory Management, and more. 

Q: John Kosturos

I love seeing the Alexa rank of the companies, or people at companies, that I’m enriching. And so I’m wondering, I know that the Alexa 1 million is publicly available – when you’re enriching the Alexa score, does Clearbit dive deeper than the Alexa 1 million?

A: Ashley Taylor

Yes. I don’t know if we have a cutoff, but I’ve definitely seen much, much, much higher numbers than 1 million.

Q: John Kosturos

Wonderful. We recommend all the time to our customers, since we focus a lot on tech companies as well, that they understand the Alexa rank. It’s a big part of the analysis for Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) development. It can even be used in the routing rules, right? A company could be $10 million in revenue, but be in the Alexa 1 million, and then maybe you want to route that account differently. I think it’s a very cool data point.

A: Ashley Taylor

We actually, using our own Clearbit data, have recently embarked in a very, very in depth journey to understand what our ideal customer profile is, and what our most successful customers look like, versus those who we see are less successful. And you know, with a few basic assumptions like they’re a B2B company, Alexa rank is actually the strongest indicator for us of whether or not a customer could be successful. I think we’re starting to see more and more companies use Alexa rank as a parameter for routing, for ICP analysis… and that resonates with what we have found to be true (internally). We very much eat our own dog food. Everything we worked on with regard to understanding our ICP was powered by Clearbit and we found the Alexa rank to be incredibly important.

Q: John Kosturos

One customer that we both worked with in the past, they really use the Alexa ranking. They had us do an exercise–pull the Alexa 3 million and see how many unique companies were inside of that database because a lot of those high ranking pages are for product pages or landing pages or blog posts. So, if you mash up the Alexa 3 million, you end up getting about 60,000 total companies, which to me was wild because, you know, people are always spending so much time building their home pages and I’m like, you don’t need to do that. You just build awesome funnel pages, landing pages, product pages, and pay for traffic to rank. That was a pretty good eye-opener.