A person comes in, gets to the new business developer, business developer looks at this records or maybe calls them even to find out who is the customer. And then he has, or she has to that person back to the corresponding account and to the corresponding account manager.

Now, that takes time. If you have few thousands of cases like this in a week, you’re wasting a few hours a week just making sure that people go to the right sales reps. We have a very large database, and a big proportion of that database will duplicate I think, up to maybe 20, 30% before we purchased RingLead.

And duplicates in itself, there’s nothing kind of bad about them intrinsically, but they do bring a lot of problems into the marketing and sales process. We’re talking to RingLead for some time, and honestly it was some of the best sales and support experiences I had.

They’re very helpful, very knowledgeable about the product. It was very easy to get it up and running. It took us about a month to get fully proficient. The reason for that is that there are several kind of aspects of RingLead that platform includes.

The duplication … Preventing duplicates, list uploads, things like that. So we started with just the duplicating the database, and then moved over to actually preventing duplicates from entering the system.

It definitely had an impact because, it made sales more efficient and it prevented sales from wasting time. So and, we’ve been seeing a very good financial results for the past three years, so we must be doing something right.

Sales development and account managers, they see value in RingLead because it helps them to be more efficient. It helps them to talk to people they should talk to. It helps them not to waste time on duplicates or, on records that look like they’re new logos, or they’re leads, but they’re actually customers.

So, overall it just makes the whole process run much more smoother. We are preventing duplicates in real time. So, when we initially cleaned out the database, it felt great. Because, we got rid of over 200,000 records, which is huge.

On average, we prevent from one to 200 duplicates entering the system a day. It helps you keep your data clean. And in today’s world, your marketing is only as good as your data.

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