Altium’s Success Story

How Altium Maximized Salesforce and Marketo ROI with RingLead

How Altium Removed 200,000 Duplicates and Prevents 200 Duplicates Each Day | Altium's Success Story

Learn how Altium used the RingLead data quality platform to:

  • Manage their existing duplicates which made up 25% of their Salesforce data
  • Cut their database size by 200,000 records
  • Prevented 100-200 duplicates from entering their systems every day
  • Reduce CRM and MAP cost through more efficienct data operations and reduced storage size

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My name is Iryna and I’m marketing automation manager here at Altium. I run everything that involves Marketo, marketing automation, email marketing, Salesforce, email campaigns and things like that. We have a very large database and the big proportion of that database were duplicates, I think up to maybe 20, 30% before we purchased RingLead.

So we started with just deduplicating the database and then moved over to actually preventing database duplicates from entering the system. when we initially cleaned up a database, you know, it felt great. Because we got rid of over 200,000 records, which is huge. It’s some company that’s, it’s some companies that the size of the entire database, right?

So, it felt great, but the problem was that you need to keep the database clean because it can be very fast to get to the same place where it was. So, we’re using RingLead Marketo feature, a duplicate prevention feature where every record that comes in is compared to our Salesforce database. And if the match is found, it just automatically merges them to that date, to that record.

Basically just prevents the new record from being created. And on average, we prevent from 100 to 200 duplicates entering the system a day. RingLead definitely did have an impact in our pipeline and revenue growth in terms of making sales teams more efficient.

It prevented sales from wasting time on duplicates and leads that come from customer accounts. And just overall reporting campaign efficiency, ROI of the campaigns definitely improved.

I think RingLead is a good investment in terms of just cutting your costs on a marketing automation platforms because it helps you to reduce the database size.

It helps you to make your sales teams more efficient and cut down to time on a sales follow up on account management business. It helps you make your marketing campaigns more efficient and more targeted to make sure if you are going to be relevant in your point and that you’re not telling the same story over and over to the same people.

And by removing duplicates, you know, we were able to make sure that we are truly communicating the right message to the right people. RingLead definitely helped us to report more accurate and conversion rates and report more accurately on how many customer requests we got from us, how many new logo or prospect requests we get per month and we’ve been seeing a very good financial results for the past three years, so we must be doing something right.


How Altium Removed 200,000 Duplicates and Prevents 200 Duplicates Each Day | Altium's Success Story