Bullhorn Success Story

“We Used RingLead to Remove 200,000 Duplicates”

It’s my favorite piece of software that we purchased in my memory.

By finding and merging over 200K duplicate records in Marketo, Bullhorn was able to:

  • stay within Marketo storage compliance
  • stop sync issues between Marketo and Salesforce
  • Gain more accurate contact and prospect data
  • Improve the customer experience through reduced duplicate communications

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 I merged and converted well over two hundred thousand records using RingLead, and our total database is five hundred thousand, so that’s a massive impact on our database. And our database is everything that we run off of, so if we have accurate customer data and accurate prospect data then it’s just a better experience for everyone. And the salespeople are happy when people are getting the right communications, and that’s always a good thing for a marketer.

So we basically had multiple versions of every person, and only half of those records were actually connected to their Salesforce record, so they were only… Only half of them were pulling in active account data, etc, and then, there were just exact duplicates that might qualify for lists, but just had a bunch of old data that wasn’t being updated 

Yeah, implementing the solution definitely helps reduce our database size and keep it within the, what are, we what do we call, “allotted limit”? “Database size limit”?