Cleanse and Prevent Explained

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Cleanse and Prevent Explained

This video is an overview of RingLead’s Cleanse and Prevent features.


How pristine is your Salesforce? It is truly free of duplicates? As a Salesforce administrator, you are probably struggling with duplicate leads, contacts and accounts every day.

Your CRM might have two people: one John, spelled “j-o-h-n,” Smith at SmartCorp Inc. and one Jon, spelled  “j-o-n,” without the “h,” Smith at You know that they’re the same person, but you have no mechanism that will automatically merge them into one true record, or even route these leads to the correct account or score them accurately. It is not humanly possible to manually go over each and every duplicate lead, contact and account in your CRM.

With RingLead Data Management Solutions, you can find out the true state of duplicates in your system for both custom and standard salesforce objects.You can also eliminate any junk data such as emails like with the click of a button.

What you need is a process that is consistently searching and standardizing data, while also merging the duplicate leads, contacts and accounts frequently. RingLead DMS Cleanse is the one-stop solution that can find and merge duplicates using 55+ custom matching algorithms whenever you want: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly– it can even do it while you’re sleeping.

Once your data is duplicate free, update data in batches to make lead routing and scoring easier with Mass update capability.Now that we have the duplicates in your CRM squared away what’s keeping them away in the future?

Duplicate leads are continuously infiltrating your CRM via manual entry, list imports and market automation systems like Marketo. These dupes are slowly cluttering your system, eating away at your revenue and rendering you Marketing Intelligence Strategy useless, until you STOP the duplicate leaks.

But why would you use Duplicate Prevention instead of just doing continuous hourly cleanses? While cleansing is good for the health of your CRM, proactive duplicate prevention is the best way to keep it all in order. Prevention allows for duplicate routing, so incoming duplicates are already routed to pre-existing information, owner notification, so the owner always knows when new information is coming in, and auto-response, to make sure that duplicates never make their way into a CRM.

With RingLead DMS, there is no halfway. RingLead DMS cleans AND protects!

RingLead DMS Duplicate Prevention combines RingLead intelligent prevention and cleanse technology to detect duplicate leads, contacts and accounts at every point of entry, either directly within your CRM, or through an online webform. Taking advantage of custom matching rules and business-specific merging rules, including defining surviving value rules for EACH field and even prioritizing picklist values, DMS Duplicate Prevention will optimize the effectiveness of your ABM and MarTech stack.

RingLead DMS is the only true end-to-end data management platform to transform your data and make it even more valuable. Take the RingLead Challenge today.

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