GetAbstract was founded in 1999. We basically take the top 5% of business books, video talks, financial reports, business articles and we compress them into these abstracts that are 10 minute reads, so you can read the most relevant information right now and apply it.

We’re an informal learning tool. Our clients are over 60% of the Fortune 1,000 as well as the B2C consumers. The objective that I was looking for when I was searching for a data management solution was something that I could really clean up our leads versus our contacts, and in Salesforce terms that’s a very crucial piece, measuring return on investment for your marketing efforts, tracking that all the way through the end of the sales cycle.

For us to be up and running with RingLead it really didn’t take any time at all. It was a phone call. They set me up, and we started doing the training. Every task it’s pretty incredible. The last task I did was 29,000 records updated in under 60 seconds. In a click of a button it will scan your entire system. We have over 200,000 records of all types, and in under a minute it’ll tell you how many you can possibly update, and then you can either select which ones to update, or you can say update all.

The DMS tools helping me save time and increase my productivity because it helps me not focus on the data cleanup part of my job. I can focus more on my projects, and things that the sales team needs, and on the same time also maintain the accuracy of our system.

The product really helps my team manage their data, basically linking things properly, making sure they’re assigned to the correct user. They don’t really see the backend stuff, but they are seeing an improved efficiency of their Salesforce orgs.

The thing I appreciate the most about RingLead is I feel that I’m able to handle on more of a challenging workload than before, because most of my time is now not worrying about the data cleanup aspect, so I can handle more than two or three projects at a time, which used to be my maximum, but at the same time insure that the data is getting cleaned up, and it’s becoming more accurate every day.

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