Hennepin Theatre Trust Success Story

How a Non-Profit Keeps Salesforce Data Clean and Accurate

Learn how Hennepin Theatre Trust uses the RingLead data quality platform to:

  • Gain better insights in Salesforce for their customers in the non-profit space
  • Work with more actionable insights for their donors and constituents
  • Match historical data with contacts and customers to improve reporting and analytics

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With duplicate data, what you have is inaccurate information. So you’re unable to effectively report. So the priority for my organization to have good, clean data, or to have better data integrity, allows us to be much more well-positioned and equipped as an organization to report effectively, and to keeping contact with our customers, our constituents in a matter that is optimal.

So, if I have 15 contacts in my Salesforce instance, and I don’t know which is the accurate contact with the most up to date contact information, how am I going to get to that?

If there is a contact, or a donor in this case, that we’re working with that has historical data based on donations they’ve made in the past, then I want to be able to report on, to speak to in a conversation I’m going to be having with this particular donor, I want to make sure I’m looking at a contact, and the related activity history that reflects correspondences that are up to date and accurate versus going to a contact that doesn’t have any activity history, which would in this case reflect to me that there haven’t been any prior correspondences, which in this case wouldn’t be true. Data is a priority for my organization.