Hennepin Theatre Trust Success Story

Solving Our Duplicate Problem in Salesforce: Day 1

Measuring ROI on our first Salesforce Deduplication Task | Hennepin Theatre Trust Success Story

Learn how Hennepin Theatre Trust got started with RingLead when cleaning and deduping their Salesforce Org:

  • Strict Matching in Phase 1 — used exact email matching criteria for phase 1 of their Salesforce clean-up project
    • Hennepin Theatre Trust merged 1,400 duplicate Leads in the first RingLead duplicate matching task
  • Fuzzy Matching in Phase 2 — used custom matching criteria to match beyond exact email
    • Fuzzy field matchers help Hennepin Theatre Trust tackle their bad data problem for more complex duplicate scenarios
  • Merging rules (Master Record Rules and Surviving Field Value Rules)
    • Preserve legacy information and important account information after merge
    • Avoid losing valuable information and description fields

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The immediate ROI I have felt and received thus far while working with RingLead is we have since merged 1400 duplicate records within our leads that had a direct match of exact emails. Exact email was part of phase 1. There are other fields we’re looking at standard and custom to help us as an organization feel that, we truly are getting to the root of duplicative data and so forth.

So, we successfully today merged 1400 duplicate leads within Salesforce, with my team, which was a huge success because in order to be successful with this platform and this tool, there’s a lot of due diligence required around putting together tasks and rules and criteria to make sure that, when you’re merging these records and these contacts, you’re not, uh, eradicating other historical data that you may need, but you’re appending it, the master record going forward.

So thus far the ROI has been good momentum and good belts, ROI wish records that are now being merged within constants. I’m really elated with the fact that RingLead was open to the opportunity for me to travel to their offices and spend several hours and go through a workshop experience of being able to strategize, plan, and mobilize – in going through the necessary tasks to customize DMS to work specific to Hennepin Theatre Trust needs, because this was, to me, an indication of having a vested interest in making sure that we were successful onboarding experience couldn’t be be any better.


Measuring ROI on our first Salesforce Deduplication Task | Hennepin Theatre Trust Success Story