According to a Study conducted by HubSpot –  by cutting the number of fields on your webform in half, you can double your website’s conversion rates. This is why businesses to business marketers are affected by a tradeoff of having to choose between web to lead to conversion and capturing the data required for their data driven strategies.

Meaning, the more fields a prospect visiting your website has to fill out on a contact us form, the more likely he or she will abandon your webform or even ignore it.

However, even when companies are faced with the reality of high webform abandmonent rates on their websites, most companies still don’t reduce the number of fields on their webform because that additional information required by their marketing automation for lead routing, lead scoring, targeting, and segmentation.

This is a very ugly trade-off that most B2B companies deal with. But with RingLead’s Intelligent Webforms, this trade off does not have to affect your business.

RingLead’s real-time webform enrichment, allows your company to reduce the amount of fields on your websites webforms, because it appends account  and contact level data behind the scenes, which is automatically added to your marketing database or CRM.

Here is what the customer sees on your website.

You’ll see that as soon as I add my email address, in real-time our intelligent webform recognizes the domain from my email address, and displays a dropdown where I click confirm my company name so it could verify the firmographic data it finds in real time.

When I select my company name,    RingLead’s intelligent webform will automatically appends the record with 16 golden   contact and account data pointsand over 100 other actionable data points on the backend.


These include data points contacts direct dial phone number, Job title, their department, social profiles      and firmographic data, like their business’s revenue, the technologies they use, the businesses location employee size, etc. .

With RingLead’s Intelligent webforms, you’ll be able cut your lead form in half, which in turn will double your conversion rate.

Thanks for watching and to learn more visiting and fill out one our intelligent webforms


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