Marketo Champion Series: Part 4

How to Delete People that are No Longer at Company in Marketo

Using email addresses for persons no longer at a company can cause several problems in your campaign reporting and conversion rates. Too often, automated responses prevent the necessary email bounce that triggers Marketo to flag the record. If you change the email address to the new company and the Account Name to the new Account, that data will be incorrectly associated with the newAccount and that can confuse your metrics.

3x Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe teaches how to identify records for individuals no longer at a company so they can be removed from Marketo as soon as possible.

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According to Dun & Bradstreet, around 2% of the persons in your database leave their companies each month. When you send an email to someone who is no longer at their company, the recipient’s company may reply with an auto-response email and there won’t be an email bounce that triggers Marketo to flag the record as having an invalid email address. If you continue to send emails to persons that are no longer at a company, that company may block all emails from you as spam.

As with records that have no email address or been flagged as having an invalid email address, records of persons that are no longer at their company are of little value. This video shows you how to identify those records, so they can be blocked from being sent email and removed from Marketo once you no longer need them for historical performance reporting.

Frequently your sales team becomes aware that a person is no longer at their company when they try to call or email the person and receive an auto-response email. Make it easy for your salespersons to identify when a person is no longer at the company by creating a custom ‘No Longer with Company’ Boolean field or as a picklist item in the Person Status field value.

If you are sending large volumes of emails, especially if the Reply To email address is not a specific person, but a role-based email address like marketing or info, you may want to have these directed to someone that can review them or better yet, use a response email mining tool like SiftRock or LeadGnome to automatically analyze these responses.

When an auto-response email is received indicating that person is no longer at the company, they can set a field value on the record indicating that the person is no longer with the company, send an alert to the current owner, so they can follow-up with the person at their new company and discover who the replacement person is at the prior company.

The response email mining tools can automatically create a new record for the new contact person if that is indicated in the email.