Marketo Champion Series: Part 7

How to Find and Remove Old Unengaged Records in Marketo

Marketo: How to Find and Remove Old Unengaged Records

It is important for any Marketo database to remain free of records that have not engaged with you in an extended period of time. But going through your enormous database to purge outdated records is too time-consuming to do by hand. Smart campaigns are the best solution to this bad data problem.

3x Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe teaches you how to identify and remove unengaged and out-of-date records.

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To remove records that have not engaged with you in an extended period, create an email program whose smart list that selects records that have not engaged in a long time. You may want to send them one or two ‘wake-up’ emails. For those records that don’t respond, you should create a Records to Delete smart campaign that will delete those records.

You may even want to create separate Leads to Delete and Contacts to Delete smart campaigns as Contacts my have additional activities that you can include in your filters. The smart list would have filters that select only records created a year or so ago and as many inactivity filters as may be appropriate.

Here is a typical Lead to Delete smart campaign’s smart list with the following filters.

• SFDC Type – you’d may want to use this since Contacts typically have some additional activities you can filter on, but if you hold back records in Marketo from syncing to SFDC, then you should also create a Marketo-only Records to Delete smart campaign whose SFDC Type filter operator is ‘is empty’.

• Not Lead was Created – if your sales cycle is short, then you may want to set this to a shorter period like 6 months. Likewise, if your sales cycle is longer, then you could set this to a longer period.

• Not Clicked and Not Opened Email filters – be sure to include the filters for Marketo Sales Insight emails if your team uses that feature. Be aware that both Opens and Clicks can be false positives. For example, if a person has an email preview pane, the display of images enabled, and they just scroll past your email, that will trigger an open. Likewise, if an email recipient’s email server employs a security click bot, that will result in a click activity being logged on one or more links in the email. I’ll show you some tips to identify these in a future video.

• Not Filled Out Form – be sure to exclude your Subscription management form if the only choice is to unsubscribe.

• Not Visited Web Page and Not Clicked Link on Web Page – these activities are only available for 90 days. Step 9 in this video series will show you how to permanently preserve these for future use in smart list filters by creating an Interesting Moment on a periodic basis. Most other activities are available for 25 months, which should be enough for the purpose of this smart campaign.

• Not Had Interesting Moment

• Not Activity was Logged – this once can be useful when your sales team creates an activity in the person’s CRM record when they have a discussion with that person. Also, many sales orchestration solutions will automatically create an activity when a person clicks or opens a sales email. In these cases, you should try to ensure that the activity starts with a standard phrase, which you can use as a constraint to help exclude activities that a salesperson creates that are not an indicator of engagement with the person such as a follow-up call reminder.

• Not Revenue Stage was Changed – if you’re using Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Model, movement through revenue stages can be a positive indication of engagement and you can list those key stages as the New Stage. You likely would not want to include stages like ‘Bogus Info’, ‘Disqualified’, ‘Closed Lost’, etc.

In your Contacts to Delete smart campaign you should include the following additional filters.

• SFDC Type – In addition to specifying the SFDC Type for the person, you may want to use the SFDC Type for company to exclude Contacts at customer and/or partner accounts.

• Not Lead was Converted

• Not was Added to Opportunity

• Has Opportunity


Marketo: How to Find and Remove Old Unengaged Records