Marketo Champion Series: Part 10

How to Find and Merge Duplicates in Marketo

Marketo: How to Find and Merge Duplicates

Keeping your Marketo Instance under the record limit is among the biggest challenges Marketo users face. Organizations need as much data as possible to create a single customer view, but duplicate and bad data can harm your ability to achieve this. Using an automated solution to de-duplicate person records in Marketo can reduce database by 30% or more.

3x Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe teaches you how to find and remove duplicates in Marketo.

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The 10th and final step is to merge duplicate Marketo records duplicates caused numerous issues including inaccurate communications and increase Marketo license cost.

Most companies have high percentage of duplicate records some may be exact duplicates but others may be the same person but with different email addresses if an exact email duplicate exists such as a duplicate created in salesforce and sync – Marketo you can use the Marketo merge people function to resolve the duplicates however if you have more than a handful of duplicates you may want to use a solution design for detecting and resolving in masse not only exact email duplicates but fuzzy duplicates based on sophisticated matching rules if you implement these ten steps to remove bad data from mojito you should be able to significantly improve marketing effectiveness reduce the number of person records and potentially reduce your Marketo subscription cost


Marketo: How to Find and Merge Duplicates