Marketo Champion Series: Part 9

How to Deal with Inactive Records after 90 Days in Marketo

Measuring engagement is one of the most important steps to take in any successful ABM campaign. But keeping track of how each target interacts with your website can be difficult without proper action. Learn how to track webpage visits to remove unengaged prospects and spend more time on leads that will convert.

3x Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe teaches you how to track Records with no webpage visits after 90 days.

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Marketo doesn’t track website visits after 90 days so for your night step create a scheduled smart campaign that runs on the last day of each quarter selects records with page visits in the prior 90 days and creates an interesting moment that you can include in your inactivity smart list that we created in step 7 the smart list uses the visited web page filter with a date of activity constraint in the past 90 days the flow uses the interesting moment flow action and the schedule would be set to run every three months beginning on the last day of the upcoming month