Marketo Champion Series: Part 2

How to Find and Remove Records with an Invalid Email Address in Marketo

Marketo: How to Find and Remove Records With an Invalid Email Address

Email is one of the most important means of communications for marketers in the digital era. Email addresses are crucial for matching records to activities like webpage visits, clicks, and repeated engagement. Having invalid email addresses in your database can be very harmful to your email marketing strategy. Invalid email addresses ruin your sender score, harm your brand reputation, and can get you caught in spam traps.

3x Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe teaches you how to identfiy records with an invalid email address and remove them from your Marketo database.

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When Marketo sends an email that bounces due to an invalid email address, it sets the Email Invalid field value to ‘true’. As with records that have no email address, records with an invalid email address are of low value. This video shows you how to identify those records, so they can be removed from Marketo once you no longer need them for historical performance reporting.

The second step is to create a smart list to identify those records where Marketo has set their email and valid field value to true Marketo does this whenever a hard bounce occurs a category 2 balance like records without an email address these records are pretty much worthless here’s the logic you would use you’d use an email invalid fill field filter with a email invalid value of true and the list it would produce would indicate that that field is indeed true.

Also, its recorded by Marketo at that point in time while you may want to delete these records from Marketo you may want to leave them for reporting purposes if they’ve had activity in the last year or so when you do ultimately delete these records you may want to leave them in your CRM if they could be useful to sales for examples have a valid phone number to prevent these records from being synced back to Marketo from your CRM Marketo tech support we’ll need to create a more sophisticated sync filter that is controlled by a boolean field such as sync to Marketo


Marketo: How to Find and Remove Records With an Invalid Email Address