Prevent Duplicate Records from Entering Your CRM

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Prevent Duplicate Records from Entering Your CRM

This video is an overview of RingLead’s Prevent feature, which stops you from entering duplicate records in your CRM.


Whether you are the Salesforce or Marketo Admin, the burden of duplicate data is put on your shoulders.

In one ear, a Sales Rep is yelling at you because their entire Call list is filled with duplicate Leads, Contacts, Accounts and custom objects.

In the other, the Director of Marketing is reporting overblown lead metrics and reduced conversion rates caused by duplicates polluting their CRM and a lack of standardized data that is preventing her from segmenting her database for targeted messaging and account based marketing.

For example, they show you two leads that your Sales Reps are calling, John Smith, from Container Company Inc, and Jon Smith from The Container Corp. Despite the disparities, you know that both of your Sales Reps are calling the same person.

But Salesforce, Marketo and other CRMS  all lack a native automated, preventative mechanism that will automatically detect non-exact-match duplicate records and merge them into one true marketing qualified record, or even route them to the correct account.

And it’s impossible to keep up real time duplicate prevention of all the duplicates that are constantly entering your CRM, even if you had your entire company dedicated to cleaning your data.

Yes. The cost of dirty data is real. Duplicate data not only prevents you from accurately lead scoring and segmenting your CRM, but it causes multiple sales people calling on the same customer. And It results in hundreds of hours of manual reconciliation of CRM data.

These are just a few of the factors that explain why Duplicate data cost the average B2B company $1,000,000 per year.  

All that said, an automated end to end solution in the cloud that prevents duplicates and is constantly searching and standardizing data – that regularly runs deduplication tasks to merge duplicate leads, contacts and accounts, and custom objects is invaluable to any company that has a CRM.

With DMS Cleanse,  you can set up automated deduplication task to find and merge duplicates in Marketo, Salesforce, among other CRMS using 55+ custom matching algorithms.

You can then configure that deduplication task to run at a frequency of your choice. And while you sleep DMS will remove duplicates and send you comprehensive reports after each deduplication task runs on your system.

However, removing existing duplicates from your CRM is only the first step to sustaining clean usable data.

To ensure that duplicates are not continuously infiltrating your CRM through manual entry, list imports and web submissions from marketing automation systems like Marketo, is to stop ALL the duplicate leaks from occuring in the first place.

RingLead DMS Duplicate Prevention combines RingLead’s intelligent prevention and cleanse technology to detect and prevent duplicate leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects in real time, at every point of entry.

Taking advantage of custom matching rules and business-specific merging rules, including defining surviving value rules for EACH field and even prioritizing picklist values, DMS Duplicate Prevention will optimize the effectiveness of your ABM and MarTech stack.

DMS Duplicate Prevention prevents duplicates in three ways – through manual entry directly within your CRM, as DMS’s Unique Entry alerts you of potential duplicates as you are typing a new record into Salesforce.

And it prevents duplicates through List imports, and the duplicates flowing in through web form submissions.

RingLead DMS is the only true end-to-end data management platform that’s in the cloud that can both prevent future duplicates and automate deduplication while alsobeing able to enrich existing and incoming data.  to transform your data and make it even more valuable. Take the RingLead Challenge today.

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