Steve Lehr: Hi, this is Steve Lehr with RingLead and today I’m gonna show you how to do mass updates in Salesforce. Very easy way to fix a lot of problems. I’ll give you three examples but there’s pretty much unlimited on different things you can fix in Salesforce for a few extra clicks. I’ve already shown you mass delete, where you can save thousands of dollars in Salesforce storage overage charges. And I’ve shown you how to, we can find and merge custom objects, whether they’re related to standard objects or other custom objects, quick and easy way to find those, merge them, re-parent them, all kinds of great stuff.

Today, I’m gonna show you mass update, and I’m gonna give you three examples. These are common scenarios, but it’s pretty much unlimited on how you can do mass updates in Salesforce using this tool. I’m gonna show you how to find all accounts that are owned by inactive users, typical scenario, reassign those with one click of the button. You can do that in Salesforce but you can only do about 250 at a time and you have to go through each one, each page. So I’ll show you an easier way to do that.

The second example I’m gonna show you is to find all leads with no phone number in the primary phone field. We have a lot of customers who have up to 5 different phone fields, some of them custom phone fields. Yet, the primary phone field has no phone number and to make our lives easier for our sales guys, we will then copy the phone number from another field and put it into the primary phone field. So I’ll show you how to do that.

Third scenario I’ll give you is, all those opportunities that are not closed yet the close date has been expired, so you’re forecasting is all thrown off. So we’ll show you how to identify those that have missed their close date. You have the ability to quickly reset the probability to 1% and push out the close date.

So to get started, you log in to RingLead and you select mass update and you do, on this example I’m gonna show you account filter, where the owner is inactive. And then the rules to update those fields would be to select the account owner ID, and select from the drop down, any other owner that you choose. In this example, it’s even from a value from a different field. The one who created the account now gets to own it if the account owner is inactive. So give it back to the sales guy who can still close that deal.

The next example is on the lead object and these are where phone number fields for the primary phone number field is empty. And so what we’ll do is we’ll pull that value from another field. It’s that easy. The third scenario is from opportunities and the filter’s gonna be, the close date is on or before a certain date, so you can push it out for a year, or a month, or whatever. Then you choose the update rules to reassign that opportunity as a probability of 1% and to push the close date to a month, or two months out. It’s that easy.

So enjoy using the tool and I’ll see you next time.

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