Reveal API vs Enrichment API

Learn more about the unique visitors to your site with Clearbit’s Reveal API (company lookup) and Enrichment API (person lookup when combined with a form).

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Q: John Kosturos

Can you tell us a little bit about how Clearbit uses Reverse IP lookup to pair person (data) with business data?

A: Ashley Taylor

Absolutely. So, we actually don’t use reverse IP lookup to pair person (data) with business data. Reverse IP lookup is purely going to return company level data – we call this our Reveal API and we can resolve an anonymous IP address into a full firmographic and technographic company profile. 

Very similar to, if you try to enrich a domain via our Enrichment API, it will return all the same data, but it will be company level only. Where the user, the actual person might come into play is using our Enrichment API in conjunction with a form. So imagine, an anonymous visitor comes to your website, they don’t really engage in anything they click around and leave – that would be the reveal API – understanding the IP address and tying it back to a company. But should that site visitor engage with the form, once they enter their email address in the form, that’s where the Enrichment API would come in and we can return the same full firmographic and technographic profile of the company as well as specific data points about that person in regard of their role. So we can return things like seniority, title, job function… to give you a picture of not just about the company that they’re coming with, with attributes like we talked about before of Alexa rank, or funding, or employee headcounts, but also, who that person is in the org, so that you can make sure you get it to your right reps so that they can have a more educated conversation and better predict what pain points they might have.

Q: John Kosturos 

Yeah, I think you guys have really solved the problem a lot better than any of the other form builder technologies I’ve seen on the market because you emphasize reducing the fields down to a single field, which is email. And then, if the email doesn’t match against the real-time crawl, you’re going to progressively profile them for more information. But if the email does match, all the user has to do is fill out one field which increases the number of leads submitted without losing the functionality on the backend – you know, like the routing, the ability to score and segment – because you’re actually filling that data in behind the scenes. So that’s a really cool feature. Anybody who is looking at Clearbit should definitely check out.