The Role of Data During COVID-19

Discover and understand the most critical data points to leverage during a pandemic like COVID–19.

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Discover and understand the most critical data points to leverage during a crisis like COVID–19.

Q: John Kosturos

That’s awesome. And have any of those attributes become more popular during this pandemic or have you offered any new type of data to, you know, help with anything going on?

A: Ashley Taylor

I think it’s less that we’ve seen certain attributes become more popular, and more that we’ve seen these attributes used differently. Having a robust, data-backed picture of who your customers and prospects are can help teams become more efficient and help them make sure they’re only spending ad budget on ICP. Robust, data-backed profiles also help teams ensure they’re only investing in opportunities that are most likely to provide the highest lifetime value. As far as I’ve seen, I don’t necessarily know that the importance of attributes has changed. I think it’s just the way that they’re being operationalized. It’s gone from growth at all costs, to become more efficient, become more conservative, figure out how we can be most effective, with fewer resources.

Q: John Kosturos

Yeah. I’m seeing kind of a similar thing – during these times it’s less about demand gen and getting in front of people, and it’s more about spring cleaning raw data… let’s clean it up, let’s find out where we really should target the business, let’s get better focused. So in a way, data almost becomes more strategic during a time like this because people, outside of just that normal demand gen unit, start to take notice of the information.

A: Ashley Taylor

Yes, I completely agree.