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Vince Lombardi was a legendary football coach, first at Fordham University, then at West Point. After that, he took his first professional coaching job with the New York Giants. It wasn’t until later in his career when he took over as the head coach of the dispirited Green Bay Packers, that his legend began to grow.

Vince LombardiIn his second year, the Packers were playing for the NFL Championship (early version of the Super Bowl), followed by two successful NFL Championship wins in 1961 and 1962. Numerous championships followed, and the Super Bowl trophy itself was named after him.

The secret to success

When Lombardi first came to the losing Packers in 1958, he was asked what he was going to do to make a dramatic turnaround. He tersely replied, “I am not going to change anything.  We are going to use the same players, the same plays and the same training systems.  But we will concentrate on becoming brilliant at the basics.”  Further on, he stated, “We will run our plays with such precision that the other side will know what we are going to do, but will be unable to stop us.”

Brilliant at the basics

No matter the CRM platform, once implemented, the sheer volume of apps, widgets, data and add ons, etc. is confusing, overwhelming and challenging. I’ve spoken to multiple organizations and sales operations that share that the number of hours spent on CRM training far exceeds their own product training and target marketing knowledge. Conferences such as Dreamforce and the MS Dynamics Convergence Conference further confirm this challenge, stating that CRM adoption and productive/optimal use of the platform is in the top concerns in CRM.

If you want to dramatically improve CRM adoption and productivity, it is time to go back to being brilliant at the basics.

The simple solutions make the biggest impact

The concept of “brilliant at the basics” applies to CRM partners and apps, too. As Donato Diorio, CEO of RingLead, often says related to CRM, “if you want to impact lasting change, you have to provide users with an alternative that is easier than doing the old way.”

Long before anyone contributes to the fire hose of applications and solutions that put a CRM on overdrive, we should start and focus on being brilliant at the basics.

That is how Vince Lombardi would have implemented CRM. 

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