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Web form duplicate prevention and data quality management tool

Prevent web forms from creating duplicates

We all love it when a Lead comes in from a website… but not as much if they’re already in our database. Duplicate records from Web-to-Lead forms are extremely common and have to be handled elegantly to ensure unique records without any information loss.
RingLead’s Web-to-Lead feature does exactly that. Quickly integrated into your existing Salesforce Web-to-Lead script, it processes all web form submissions, checking for existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Update existing records and automatically assign multiple tasks, send a notification to the existing record owner, or add the record to multiple campaigns.

If You Use a Marketing Automation System, You Need Unique Web-to-Lead

Unique Web-to-Lead is the perfect complement to all of the leading marketing automation (MA) applications such as Eloqua, Marketo, Genius, Pardot, and many more – and RingLead integrates with most marketing automation applications. Many people, even the salespeople of the leading MA companies, believe that marketing automation applications have Salesforce duplicate prevention features. Some of these marketing automation systems prevent duplicate creation based on email address only, but they do not work across objects, which leaves your database open to a potential data disaster. Email-only matching – which is the full extent of most marketing automation tools’ deduplication capabilities – can miss up to sixty percent of your duplicate Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

Up to 80% of your Web Form Submissions May Be Duplicates

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our sample web to lead logs, which show the total number of web form submissions as well as the number of those leads that were automatically sorted out by the Declone Web-to-Lead application. The Duplication Rate (calculated by dividing the number of duplicate records by the total number of web form submissions) for some of our clients ranges from 30% all the way up to 80%.

Key Features:

  • Prevent web forms from creating  duplicates in your CRM or Marketing Automation platform
  • Automatic Campaign Membership and Task Creation
  • Leverage Existing Salesforce Lead Assignment Rules
  • Automatic Data Merging with Field Level Control
  • Custom Field Mapping for Leads, Accounts, and Contacts
  • Comprehensive Reporting of All Inbound Leads
  • Account Based Lead Routing
  • Lead enhancement with Social and Firmographic information
  • Normalization and Standardization