45 minutes

Discover and Engage your Full Buying Committee

The buyer’s journey has changed, with large enterprise deals now including 11 or more stakeholders. From the moment the initial lead enters your CRM, a rigorous, omni-channel approach is required to ensure every additional stakeholder is captured and nurtured. Missing contacts and lack of alignment can stall deals and cause inaccurate forecasts and missed opportunities.

Watch this webinar to learn how to more effectively identify and engage with the complete buying groups at your target accounts, align revenue teams internally, and achieve unprecedented visibility and predictability into your pipeline.

Watch on demand now to learn more about:

  • Automatically identifying, enriching, and syncing new contacts at the point of engagement (emails, meetings, etc.)
  • Architecting Contact Enrichment to capture and support contacts that enter mid-opportunity
  • Assessing the health of a deal through contact engagement metrics
  • Growing your marketing database to support an Account-Based Everything strategy 

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