45 minutes

Convert More Inbound Leads with Intelligent Routing + Automated Scheduling

This spring we introduced automated scheduling to RingLead Route to further automate the buyer’s journey and introduce a more B2C experience to B2B consumers.

With Instant Book, prospects can now book meetings on the correct sales rep’s calendar immediately after filling out a demo request form. Much like making a reservation at their favorite restaurant, your buyers are now empowered to lock in a time that works for them without hassle or delay.

The result? Higher speed-to-lead and inbound conversion rates for your business.

Watch on demand now to learn more about:

  • New Route features available with Instant Book like simple re-scheduling, automatic email reminders, and flexible calendar integrations
  • How to accomplish both speed AND accuracy with Route’s expansive and growing feature set
  • The synergy between Route and other core data orchestration processes in The RingLead Platform, and why it matters

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