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The Salesforce Merge Leads function is a very powerful list building tools because it can delete a duplicate record in Salesforce CRM. It also provides a way to create a single record that is an aggregate of all multiple records available, while preserving all related lists.

The record resulting after the merge is richer in information than all the individual records prior to the merge and thus produces data enhancement in the system. The only issues with the Salesforce merge leads tool are the inability to merge more than 3 records at a time and the fact that it is a manual process.

How Does the Salesforce Merge Leads Tool Function?

  • First you need to find duplicates in the Salesforce CRM data and this can be done by running the “Find Duplicate” function. After you get the results, check each record and decide if it is really a duplicate. If it is really a duplicate, mark the checkbox in front of it. Only those records that are marked will be included in the merge function. At this step the user is limited to selecting up to three records.
  • After you have checked the duplicate records, click the Merge Leads button. In the next screen keep the following ideas in consideration:
  • If one record has a field which is blank and the merging record has data in that field, Salesforce will default to accept the field that has value.
  • If data exists in the same field for two records and data is same exactly, then Salesforce will not present ask you which entry you would like to keep.
  • However, if the different data exists in the same field for two records, the program will give you an option to select which entry to keep for that field.
  • The ideal choice is to keep the Master Record. When there are hidden and read only fields, Salesforce takes the values for the lead record that is determined by you as the Master Record.

After checking all your entries in the previous screen and selecting the desired values, click the Merge button and you will get the standard “Are you sure?” message provided by the Salesforce system. If you are really sure and checked all the entries, click “OK” to complete the merge process; otherwise, click on “Cancel” to abort the merging process. Please note that this merge function cannot be reversed – once completed you cannot get your old settings back.

Salesforce merge leads tool is one of the best data quality management tools available and is very useful for improving the data quality in your Salesforce system.

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