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The main objective for a data quality manager is to ensure that any product or service a company is offering is suitable for its customer base. The product or service should meet internal requirements as well as external requirements, and that means it should be compliant legally and meet the expectations of the customer.

Also called a quality assurance manager or a quality control manager, this person is responsible for coordinating activities to complete these standards of quality. They also advise on how these quality systems are managed, they report performance and they measure against set standards. A quality data manager often sets policy standards.

Quality data managers also meet with other staff, employees and managers in the organization to ensure that the system for quality management is operating correctly. When it is needed, they will recommend changes and explain how these changes can be implemented into the system by providing the necessary training, best data quality tools and techniques that will allow the company to meet its company standards.

This type of manager will also provide insight into how much work can effectively be completed within one work shift so that the highest work standards are maintained.

Data Quality Manager – Where Are They Required

Quality data managers work in a variety of sectors. There are in high demand the production and manufacturing sectors, and they are placed primarily in support functions. However, they are found in other sectors as well such as public service, transportation, food production, engineering and petrochemicals. Often times, department managers are placed into the role of data quality manager. They are in charge of maintaining company standards as well as production of product or service.

There are certain skills that an individual possess in order to be a successful quality data manager.

Necessary Skills

The following list includes some of the most important skills a quality data manager will need in order to complete day to day tasks. They should:

  • Be able to negotiate
  • Be able to write reports well
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Be able to plan and lead projects to completion
  • Be effective at communicating
  • Be motivators
  • Have analytical skills
  • Be familiar with the tools and methodology needed for successful quality control
  • Be able to interpret data
  • Understand languages such as PHP, Oracle, C++, Python and SQL

In information technology, although the skills and responsibilities may be similar as other sectors, there are some skills specific to IT that quality data managers should have. They inspect processes and equipment, maintain a data quality checklist, set data quality objectives and also check the efficiency and functionality of these processes. The process of testing is also determined by the quality data manager, and he or she makes modifications if needed.

The role and responsibilities of a data quality manager are varied depending on the industry in which he or she works. However, resolving issues, maintaining company standards and being an effective communicator are just some of the responsibilities that are necessary. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy analytical thinking, you should consider a career as a quality data manager.

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