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One of the most important parts of any business is categorizing the data and information that it utilizes in a neat, organized manner. It’s highly important that whatever sort of data you’re going to use is set up and displayed in a way that makes it easier to work with – saving time and hassle.

In fact, when the information in your spreadsheets or files is poorly organized, not only your team is going to waste precious time and energy when trying to make sense out of it, they’re likely to become frustrated and unsatisfied – which might permeate their other activities and negatively impact your workplace in a broader fashion. To handle this problem, you are going to need a Salesforce dedupe tool.

The Usual Data Issues

A common problem with companies that involve sales is managing data quality and dealing with duplicate data. This happens way too often for a wide variety of different reasons – for instance, a company which utilizes lead generation websites, data imports or internal system integration likely deal with this issue, while onboarding mistakes or even human mistake when manually inserting the data may cause it as well.

Duplicate data can be troublesome for those who are trying to use your data, but even more so for those who are told to clean it up. Sometimes you have loads and loads of data, sometimes the duping issue is very prolific – and, in many cases, you have both issues. This makes it quite a complex task to assign to someone, obviously you are going to need a good data quality plan to deal with these issues.

Salesforce Dedupe Tool Comes To Rescue

Sometimes, it may be nearly impossible for a user to manually remove all the dupes from your data. Fortunately, there is a better, much more effective option that’ll help fix duping situations: utilizing a Salesforce dedupe tool.

Whether you have a duping problem in your accounts, contacts or leads, utilizing a dedupe tool is likely going to help you in a straightforward, hassle-free manner. Basically, what this sort of software does is either prevent duplicate information from coming into your files, or remove the data which is already duplicated.

You might be wondering how Salesforce deduplication works. Obviously, figuring out when you have duplicate data isn’t as obvious as merely checking whether multiple rows on a spreadsheet display identical information on every single column, for instance. People change their telephone numbers or addresses, insert their names in multiple ways and even make typos and mistakes from time to time.

Don’t worry about it, though – quality Salesforce dedupe tool is using sophisticated methods in order to determine the data which is duplicated. Basically, they’ll compare all the information you have in your files and warn you about even partial matches. This way, you don’t have to worry about them missing anything.

Just remember that there are two types of deduping software. Unless you manage to find one that does both, you’ll have to find an application which prevents duping data from entering your files – which should be on at all times – and one that removes duped data in them – which you should run form time to time just in case.

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