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It is vital that businesses that are centered on their customers have data quality management tools. These types of tools will allow businesses to keep important contacts such as phone numbers that are still considered valid. The company’s data quality manager should ensure that communication is maintained between customers while also making sure that the engagement among customers stays positive. This means that the discovery of numbers that are not valid should not occur during customer service, sales or marketing.

Understanding The Salesforce Phone Number Format System

Building a customer list with invalid numbers can bring down the results of a company by creating a loss in time and money. Fortunately, Salesforce offers these types of data quality tools that will allow the company to validate the phone numbers of its customers. The Salesforce phone number format system can be used on any type of phone number for any country quickly before a phone call is made.

This validation system also identifies the phone type that is associated with the phone number. The system even identifies the carrier or operator for a particular number. The Salesforce phone number format system even has the ability to let the user know the city, state, country and time zone the number is located in.

What Does The Validation Include?

Salesforce is a system that can be compared to a pipeline, that is also a contacts manager. This system allows employees of the organization to function more efficiently. After a company has completed its phone list, Salesforce will validate the items in the list. The system uses several mail clients including Outlook. The format helps to make proper associations of all emails to their contact information.

Salesforce not only records information but it also stores all information for a client. It will then access the next step depending on what is located in the user’s calendar. Once Salesforce is integrated into a company’s website, the sales team and the data quality manager will be able to handle managing data quality a lot better.

Rules For List Building

Data quality can be improved by data enhancement – via data quality management tools when validation rules are utilized. These rules will verify data that is entered into a record when the company is trying to build a list. The rules are always in sync and set by the user prior to the records being saved.

A validation rule may have an expression or formula that will be able to carry out the data in one field or multiple fields. It may also provide “True” or “False” values. The rules can also include error messages when a “True” value is a result of an invalid value.

There are several things that must be included after these rules have been defined:

• The user can edit a stored record or make a new one

• The user can then selects the record and click on ‘Save’

• The verification of the rules is completed

• When the data is valid, the record is saved

• When the data is not valid, the error message is displayed

The Salesforce phone number format system is an excellent way for companies to keep their data records accurate. The end result will create a more efficient system.

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