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Email is the new voicemail. The old sales strategy was about reaching out with a phone call and leave a compelling voicemail. Today, learning how to develop a compelling message in an email is crucial. Here’s how to do it.

Personalize it

email tipsAlways make sure that your email is personalized. People are wary of being spammed, and your email to even just 15 top prospects with the same message can come across as spammy.  You’ve got to write that email to each and every one of your prospects if you want to get traction.

Create a great subject line

Make sure the subject line includes the topic and keywords that interest your prospects. I’ve found that sharing a news article ABOUT MY PROSPECT with that article’s title in the subject line is a guaranteed way to get my emails opened. People LOVE hearing about themselves. To do this, set up Google alerts on your top prospects to understand and find the latest news and relevant articles.

Get visual

Use bullet points, graphics or video to engage your prospect. This grabs their attention which really is the game. You’re going to be one of 200 emails that your prospect sees, so find ways to get that person’s attention!

Test it

Always test your email to see how it shows up on your smartphone. That way, you can see how it will probably look to your prospect. Nine times out of ten, they are going to see your email on their smart device. So, make sure it grabs them and is easy to read from the subject line down to the signature.

While phone and voicemail are not going away, and social media continues to grow, email is an important communication method in sales. Go BIG, Go personal, and LOVE ‘em UP!  

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