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RingLead is ONE platform to manage data at every stage of the customer lifecycle by automating sophisticated data orchestration tasks at scale. One platform to dedupe, score, match leads to accounts, segment, enrich, normalize, and route leads…and MORE

“In one API call, we can enrich through Zoominfo, standardize, dedupe, match to an account, segment, & then route leads. Before RingLead we needed multiple solutions, which significantly slowed down our lead assignment process.”

Ashley Langford

Ashley Langford
Sr. Marketing Ops Manager | Integrate

Benefits of Automation, Intelligent Processes & Database Health

Data Orchestration, Enrichment & RevOps Automation: Why it Matters:

Without an end-to-end intelligent lead management and data ingestion process leads don’t get to where they belong on a reliable basis & Go-To-Market initiatives that require data accuracy & fast lead follow up fail.

What is an intelligent data ingestion process?

An end-to-end data ingestion process generally looks like this: First, an incoming lead is validated and duplicates are prevented. Next, important data is enriched and normalized to a standard format. Finally, the data is segmented, matched to an account, and the record is assigned to someone.

All of these steps are neccessary for efficient & accurate data ingestion to ensure fast lead follow up. Poor lead management workflows slow down the sales cycle, and ultimatiely results in deals lost to competitors.

Multiple Point Solutions vs a Single Platform

There are multiple point solutions available on the market that separately solve for individual steps of an intelligent data ingestion process.

However, multiple technologies require more IT resources, more contracts to manage and often more expensive software costs overall. More importantly, high-prioroty leads & opportunites get lost in the abyss of bad data, API calls, wait-steps, and anitquated lead assignment rules.

Zoominfo & Everstring + RingLead Data Orchestration

By integrating Zoominfo & Everstring through RingLead’s Data Orchestration platform, RevOps leaders can setup batch tasks & real-time workflows at scale, so that all incoming leads are validated, normalized, deduped, enriched, segmented, & assigned to sales reps within seconds.

Impacting revenue by increaseing marketable database size, accelorating speed-to-lead follow-up and empowering customer data with sophisticated processes that fuel every Go-to-Market RevOps initiative.

RingLead Enrichment Process

Easy to Use & Flexible Integration Designer

Business professionals that want to integrate Zoominfo & Everstring into their operational processes love the RingLead drag-and-drop visual process builder to instantly connect to, map, re-format, and normalize both data sources into their existing workflows, segmentations, and naming taxonomy.

Integrating Zoominfo & Everstring with RingLead is fast and easy – empowering RevOps to operationalize data in accordance with their business’s unique requirements, and not the other way around.

Prebuilt Integrations
Prebuilt integrations and a customizeable no-code interface allows users to connect any data enrichments vendor(s) in minutes — not days
Advanced Forumlas and Arrays
When mapping sources, reformat your data provider(s) data using advanced formulas and arrays.
Conditional Logics on Fields
Assign data sources as primary, and secondary & create if/then logic to configure multiple data providers on a single field.
ZoomInfo Enrichment Steps

Get more Value from Zoominfo with Always-On Orchestration

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Append missing website fields and emails prior to enriching for higher match rates.

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Segmentation: Create custom segments so enriched data is standardized data into usable segments (Job Role, Industry, Territory, etc)

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Dedupe: Merge duplicates to avoid the embarrassing mistake of different salespeople unknowingly contacting the same person.

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Normalize: Normalize enriched data values to a standard taxonomy (i.e. California = CA) ensuring external data is usable by external systems & processes.

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Match Leads to Accounts to ensure accurate attribution and account-based lead segmentation & routing.

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Route: Design account-based & territory based routing criteria using RingLead’s Drag & Drop & Flow Chart lead distribution engine.

Set the Framework:

Deploy Pre-Requisite Data Preparation & Data-Fixing Tasks to create an underlying Structure for Success

Prior to enriching, use RingLead to run batch deduping, lead-to-account matching, normalization, segmentation & data fixing algorithms to prepare existing data to ensure higher match rates and to supply your database with the foundations needed for success with outside data sources.

Remove Duplicates & Bad Data from Salesforce for Good!

Turn it on:

Customize workflows & integrations to clean, enrich and transform data before it enters into your CRM to increase speed-to-lead

Use pre-built templates or customize data orchestration workflows at every source of data entry (web forms, triggers, list uploads). RingLead's operations can be turned on permanently so anytime a record is created or reaches a certain stage, it is enriched, reformatted and standardized into usable segments.

Prevent Bad Data from Ever Entering Salesforce for Good!